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Reflexology For Children

Reflexology Treatment for ChildrenReflexology is suitable for everyone from tiny babies onwards. Indeed my youngest clients were only 4 weeks old!

As a Mum myself I have plenty of experience in dealing with most of the childhood ailments. I can empathize with Mums doing their best to care for and support their children, and can understand the impact these illnesses and ailments have on children. Reflexology can be helpful for a variety of childhood conditions, so please contact me for further information.

As with a typical Reflexology treatment I undertake a full medical and lifestyle consultation with you and your child, before we agree on a treatment plan. You are with your child throughout the treatment. I have found that when treating babies and toddlers the best approach is to have them sat on your lap and provide some distractions – a favourite toy or book is always ideal. Older children sit quite happily on the treatment couch. The most important thing is to provide a treatment where the child feels confident and comfortable, so we go with the flow taking note of how the child responds, which may mean a shorter treatment time as the treatment is tailored to their specific needs.

Allow an hour for each treatment, although this may vary depending on what your child can cope with.

Price per treatment is £25 for children under 12 and £35 if over 12.