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Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology TreatmentMaternity Reflexology offers pregnant women in the second and third trimesters the opportunity to benefit from a therapy designed to specifically support them and their baby during pregnancy.

Whilst the theory and principles are the same, Maternity Reflexology is quite different to traditional Reflexology. We are not aiming to stimulate systems into activity, rather to balance and calm. The main focus of the treatment is relaxation for Mum, which we Reflexologists believe is the best way to ensure that your body maintains it’s optimum balance of good health. Of course, what is good for you is good for baby! Helping you to maintain good health is a great way of supporting your baby’s health, growth and development.

Relaxation for pregnant Mums is becoming more and more important. We lead such busy lives and many Mums work full-time right up until their due date, and of course, may well be juggling a job, young children and home as well as being pregnant. Maternity Reflexology provides the perfect anti-dote to a stressful and busy life, and a wonderful opportunity for you to have some time just for yourself.

Care is taken to not work any of the areas of the feet which could adversely affect your baby.

Allow an hour and a half for your appointment, as I always undertake a full medical and lifestyle questionnaire. Thereafter appointments are an hour long.

I am often asked by my pregnant clients how many treatments and how often. Another regular question is whether Reflexology can be used to bring on labour. I do not believe that it is appropriate for Reflexology to be used in this way. Reflexology is all about establishing and maintaining that perfect and fine balance of good health. Based on my own experience as a Mum and also as a professionally qualified Reflexologist, it is my belief that your baby will come when he is ready to! I am not a qualified midwife, gynaecologist or obstetrician and therefore do not consider myself qualified to make a decision as to whether or not to start labour. With you and your baby as the most important priority that is the role of experts.

Having said all that, women who are near, at or past their due dates often find that a Maternity Reflexology treatment does the trick and labour starts. I believe that happens when baby is ready to come and your body ready for that process to start. I have also found that Mums who are anxious about labour and giving birth often need to let go of their anxiety and let nature take its course……and that’s where Maternity Reflexology comes in.

I always offer Dad or another birthing partner the chance to learn a few Maternity Reflexology techniques to support you during labour and giving birth. Many women report finding having this support very comforting, and of, course it gives an anxious Dad something constructive to do!

There are a few conditions which would prevent you from having Maternity Reflexology:

  • Recurring miscarriage
  • Antenatal vaginal bleeding
  • Antenatal blood pressure : pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and toxaemia
  • Antenatal DVT
  • Antenatal fluid retention associate with eclampsia
  • Low lying placenta
  • Placenta Separation
  • Antenatal pre-term labour – before 34 weeks gestation

In these incidences I recommend Reiki treatments as an alternative. Have a look at my Reiki page for more information.

Allow and hour and a half for your first appointment, then 1 hour per session, which includes a minimum of 30 minutes of reflexology. The price £40.