Harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit


Reiki 1 Course and Attunement

What an amazing uplifting weekend! Thank you!

Mrs T, Bournemouth, Dorset

I had a Reiki 1 attunement with Geraldine this weekend, I have been suffering with depression and at times it is difficult to leave the house, and this weekend was one of those times I really didn’t want to go. I am so glad I pushed through the negativity of my mind and went along. I met some lovely people and Geraldine is a fantastic teacher. I am now able to use Reiki to help myself and my family. It was great to spend time with like minded people.

Mrs V.C, Bournemouth, Dorset

Dear Geraldine, You made my Reiki course such an amazing experience.  Thank you so much.  I’m loving the 21 day cleanse.

Mrs S L, Christchurch, Dorset

Reiki 2 Course and Attunement

It was an amazing experience going through Reiki II with you as a teacher and a guide. You have a wonderful happy, intuitive, warm, knowledgeable way of transmitting the miracle of Reiki. It has opened my eyes to the wonder of nature, energy and faith in the all encompassing energy. You make the information easy to understand and especially deeply felt. I could not have connected with such a perfect teacher and feel blessed to have met you and have you in my life.

Mrs A, Bournemouth, Dorset

The best teacher, very patient and positive in all aspects.

Mr D, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

I loved the experience, because it opened me up to a higher level. I am looking forward to the Reiki Master course. Such a great teacher.

Mrs D, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

An amazing powerful connection to the healing energy of Reiki. Geraldine is an amazing and wonderful teacher. Thank you so much.

Mrs A, Bournemouth, Dorset

Wow, yet again I’m blown away by how much I have enjoyed the Reiki 2 experience, being attuned and spending time with you Geraldine and other like minded people. Looking forward to the future and to becoming a Master.

Mrs S, Christchurch, Dorset

Reiki Master Course and Attunement

I have just had the most fabulous 2 days doing my Reiki Masters Course with Geraldine. The four of us laughed, cried and had the most beautiful time. I decided to do my Reiki Masters Course with Geraldine after attending her Reiki Shares and the other ladies that attended have also attended her shares, so we had already built a connection and trust. Geraldine is a fabulous teacher, she not only passes on the knowledge of her attunements but she passes on her passion and wisdom. I would highly recommend Geraldine as a Reiki Master, you would not get someone else more dedicated and supportive.

Mrs B, Bournemouth, Dorset


I went to see Geraldine for Reiki at the start of my treatment for breast cancer, as I wanted to try to manage some of the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy as naturally as possible. From the beginning, I felt comfortable and reassured as a result of the professional and caring treatment I received. Reiki relaxed my mind and body and gave me both a sense of calm and an energy that I am convinced I would not otherwise have experienced, helping my body to recover and heal itself. I was constantly reassured by the feedback I received during and after my treatments and am genuinely in awe of the intuition and natural gift that Geraldine possesses. I cannot recommend Halcyon Complementary Therapies highly enough.

Mrs H, Bournemouth, Dorset

Thank you for the most relaxing Reiki treatment.  It was just what the doctor ordered!  I slept well last night too.  Thank you.

Sarah, Bournemouth, Dorset

I’ve been meaning to write and tell you I am feeling much better and back to my old self – so thank you – I think the Reiki has played a big part in that.

I have returned to feeling like my old self and now I feel pretty darn fabulous, with my energy levels back to what they used to be! I very much enjoyed the sessions – they were very relaxing.

I will recommend you to others.

Mrs C, Bournemouth, Dorset

Reiki and Reflexology

I wanted to say a big thank you for the Reiki and the four reflexology treatments I had with you. I can see now why it comes under complementary therapies as it worked really well alongside the physiotherapy sessions I have been having at the hospital. As a result of the combined therapies, my health has improved markedly after several years of multiple problems, and I can at last see light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

Thank you for taking the time to go through all my problems in an holistic way as opposed to spending 5 minutes with a GP who will only deal with one problem at a time. Because of the problem with giving reflexology on my feet, I was very impressed that you did hand reflexology instead with very powerful results. I am glad you explained in great detail what you proposed to do and why, and what to expect during and after each treatment.

I felt very safe and cared for. The treatment room is a very relaxing environment, and you are a very caring practitioner.

Christine, Bournemouth, Dorset

Reiki & Childrens Reflexology

I first met Geraldine at a mother & baby coffee morning. I was stressing about having a natural birth following a c-sec with my first child, but having a suspected low lying placenta it was likely another c-sec. We discussed having a maternity reflexology treatment – but she went away and did her research and said this would not be medically advisable. I felt fully reassured that she had not tried to convince me to have an unnecessary treatment and happily booked a Reiki session instead. When you arrive at her home, you instantly feel relaxed and welcomed.

The treatment put me at ease and I was happy for the remainder of my pregnancy and ready for birth once a c-sec was confirmed.

Following the birth of Jack, and at a few weeks old, he suffered from colic-like symptoms. Again I sought Geraldine’s help, and she gave him a reflexology treatment, after which he showed much improvement, along with a de-stressed Mummy. Not only that, she also showed me a couple of ‘moves’ I could do myself and have used those since.

I have since had a further few Reiki sessions myself and for anyone considering seeing Geraldine – she comes highly recommended by me and my family – she is fab.

Mrs C, Bournemouth


After being diagnosed with a rare form of Vasculitis (Wegener’s Granulomatosis), which is an autoimmune disease, I felt I needed to look at alternative therapies to help maintain good health and well-being. Geraldine has been treating me with permission from my GP.

I’m so grateful to Geraldine. Reflexology has been my favourite treatment. I find it extremely relaxing, and there has been a gradual improvement in my symptoms. My blood results, particularly the inflammation markers, have also improved over time. This could be as a result of the regular Reflexology treatments, who knows for sure, but when you have a chronic illness, if something makes you feel better it’s got to be worth it .

I’m constantly amazed by Geraldine’s ability to tell me what symptoms I may be experiencing just by “reading” and massaging my feet. She’s a lovely lady and certainly knows what’s she’s doing.

Miss T, Bournemouth

I feel like a completely different person from the one who arrived for that first treatment.  I feel as though you and reflexology have helped me to cross a bridge to get to a better place – mentally, physically and emotionally.

My mood has improved considerably and it feels as though this is an improvement I can sustain.  When I feel my mood sinking now, I can pull myself back up again to feel positive and optimistic.  Something which I haven’t been able to do in the past.

My sinuses and constipation have also definitely improved.

I have always felt relaxed during and after treatment, and can always feel that the treatment is beneficial and healing.

You are very professional and knowledgeable.  I feel confident with you.  You have been able to draw things out of me, through a combination of intuition, knowing your stuff and asking the right questions.

Shirley, Bournemouth, Dorset

Thank you Geraldine for an amazing reflexology treatment.  I can highly recommend Halcyon Complementary Therapies to all my friends in the Bournemouth area.

Mrs O, Ringwood, Hampshire

Since coming to Geraldine for Reflexology my health problems have eased. I find it very relaxing to sit and so nothing, so much so I sometimes go to sleep.

Mrs S, Corfe Mullen, Dorset

Reflexology for Children

Geraldine has been giving reflexology treatments to my 3 year old who has had glue ear since birth and she has been amazing. After 2 sessions he even said he could hear noises that he hadn’t heard before. She is a lovely lady and my son has taken to her and happily removes his socks for the treatments. The glue ear has really improved so I’d recommend contacting her.

Mrs V, Southbourne

I took my 7 year old son to see Geraldine for a reflexology appointment to help with sickness and nervous tension.

Geraldine introduced herself to my son, explained what she was going to do and that whatever he chose to talk to her about in her treatment room would remain confidential unless he was happy for her to share the information.  Geraldine took information from both of us as part of an initial consultation.  This formed the basis of a treatment plan, which we were able to agree fully with her.

Geraldine worked hard at all times to keep the atmosphere relaxed, explaining what she was doing in child appropriate language.  She ensured that the focus stayed on my son, checking constantly how he was feeling, how he was reacting and responding to the treatment. I was encouraged to be in the room throughout the treatment session and consultation.

Geraldine was a true professional throughout the whole process and she has a real natural way with children. I would happily take my son back for further treatments and feel completely comfortable recommending her to other parents.

Mrs A, Purewell, Dorset

Indian Head Massage

I have been impressed with the improved movement in my neck and shoulder muscles.  The tension in these areas has been eased and I do not have any discomfort there. I have found each of the treatments to be very relaxing and enjoyable.  I have felt a sense of well being and calmness after each treatment and have slept well afterwards too.  I would like to book regular treatments with you to continue this progress.

Betty, Gosport, Hampshire

Thank you for the wonderful Indian Head Massage.  It was lovely and I slept really well last night.

Sam, Bournemouth, Dorset

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

With regards to the Hopi ear candle treatments, I continue to be amazed by how much better my hay fever, asthma and health in general seem to be.  I  haven’t needed to use allergy tablets or my inhalers and I’m confident that I won’t need to anymore.

Laura, Christchurch, Dorset