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Spring Awakening One Day Retreat 

Saturday 17th March and Sunday 18th March 2018

Location : The Treehouse Study Centre, Hartford Wood, Beaulieu, SO42 7YL

This restful and nurturing retreat is located in the heart of an ancient wood in the New Forest, perfect for allowing us to turn to nature to recharge, renew and reawaken.  Timed to coincide with the start of Spring, we, just like Mother Nature, are looking to awaken our senses and our energy.  Nurturing our bodies, minds and souls with delicious healthy foods, mindful Pilates, walking in nature, meditation and the gentle rebalancing energies of Reiki.

Pause, breathe and come home to yourself, guided by Charlie and Geraldine.

No previous experience of Pilates, Reiki, Meditation or Mindfulness required to complete our first day – Saturday 17th March

Previous experience of Pilates but not Reiki, Meditation or Mindfulness required for our second day – Sunday 18th March.

Our aim is to take you away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day.  

  • To encourage you to connect deeply with yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through Pilates, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • To leave you rested, refreshed, re-energised and focused on you.

How will we achieve this?    

Two Pilates sessions during the day led by Charlie.

  • Mindful Movement is at the very heart of Pilates and regularly visiting the fundamentals is essential for both beginners and experienced practitioners. This class will be an exploration of Alignment, Body Awareness and Precision of Movement.
  • During the second session you will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learnt that morning in a more dynamic class, creating beautiful movements with some flow.

Two mediation sessions led by Geraldine and supported by the gentle, natural energies of Reiki.

  • One session is aimed at encouraging you to get in touch with your body and to hear any messages it is trying to reveal to you.
  • The second session allows you to focus on your energy and to get in touch with your true essence through your heart.

A Mindful Walk

  • Connecting to nature and her healing energies. A mindful walk through the heart of this beautiful ancient wood, feeling the energy and wisdom of the forest and nature as they too reawaken for Spring.

Feel Good Food

  • Delicious fresh food and drink prepared to awaken your senses and to nurture your body.  Feel good nutrition with the emphasis on healthy eating.

Price per person £82.50 for the full one day retreat, including all sessions, lunch, snacks, herbal teas and water.

To reserve your place please email Geraldine at halcyonbalance@hotmail.com Please let us know whether or not you have had experience of Pilates so that we can ensure you attend the right day for you.

Meet my beautiful co-host Charlie Storrie

I first met Charlie when she was training as a Pilates teacher some years ago and then re-connected with her when I began to attend her Pilates classes on a regular basis.  Charlie is an experienced Pilates teacher, who brings grace and ease to movement combined with supporting her ‘Pilatistas’ (as she calls us) to develop a mindful approach to their Pilates practice and to their bodies.  Her classes are full of her beautiful energy and infused with her warm sense of humour, welcoming everyone no matter what their level of Pilates.  She is a joy and I am delighted to be not only be working with her but to call her my friend.

You can find out more about Charlie via her website http://charliestorriepilates.co.uk