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Four Benefits of Reiki – based on my observations of my clients 

I have been giving a lot of Reiki treatments recently both as part of my private practice and through the Wessex Cancer Trust in Bournemouth.  Lots of my clients are living with cancer, although I also treat clients experiencing other illnesses and stages of life – grief and bereavement, depression, anxiety, auto-immune diseases and even people who simply say they are ‘not feeling quite like themselves’.

Whilst each treatment is as unique as the individual and their situation there are a number of benefits which occur repeatedly:

  1. Deep relaxation

I have written before about how I believe that the first principle of any complementary therapy is to promote relaxation.  By doing so we are able to temporarily pause the body’s fight or flight stress response.  This allows the body to marshal its resources to begin its own healing process.

Many clients report that delicious sense of relaxation where the body is heavy and relaxed, the mind quiet and still, just as when you begin to peacefully and easily drop off to sleep.  Indeed some clients do fall asleep on my treatment couch…..and yes many snore!  No need to feel embarrassed.  I’ve seen and heard it all before!

  1. Feeling energised

I have been giving Reiki to a lady living with cancer on a regular basis for a few weeks now.  She has been struggling with fatigue, an overwhelming tiredness.  As we met for a consultation immediately prior to her second treatment I asked her how she had felt after the first treatment.  “As though I could go to the gym.  I had so much energy,” was her reply.

I don’t think she did go to the gym, but I am sure you take her point.

Why is that?  In giving Reiki I am channelling the Universal Life Force Energy, which I believes gives life to all things.  When someone is ill all their energies are being taken up with fighting the illness.   As a result the body can feel depleted and low on energy.  Reiki can boost energy levels for restoration, repair and get up and go.

  1. Improved sleep

Sleep is the great restorer.  We all know how fabulous we feel after a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is vital to our health and well-being.  Sleep plays an integral role in the healing process.

The combination of deep relaxation and Reiki can lead to a good sleep.  One of my regular clients delights in this aspect, confident that after her Reiki treatment she’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

  1. Pain relief

I have lost count of how many clients I have seen over the years who report pain relief following a Reiki treatment – back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, muscular aches and pain and arthritis are just some of the examples that come to mind.

Initially any improvement in symptoms may be temporary.  However, patterns can be broken or symptoms healed with regular subsequent treatments.  This is because Reiki works to get to the cause of any problem and to restore your natural balance.

I believe too that Reiki should be complementary to any medical treatment you are undergoing and to any lifestyle improvements you are making – improving your diet, undertaking regular exercise, meditation etc.

Aren’t they wonderful benefits?  What’s so wonderful is to know that Reiki is making a positive difference to people’s lives.