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Six Ways In Which Regularly Attending A Reiki Share Can Benefit You :

When I finished my Reiki Master Course my first goal was to set up a regular Reiki Share. I believe attending a Reiki Share is vital to deepening your Reiki knowledge and awareness, as well as helping to keep you motivated to continue to practice Reiki. Here’s why :

  1. You spend time with like-minded people. Reiki Share brings together people who share your passion and enthusiasm for Reiki and for an holistic approach to life; people who will lift you up and inspire you.
  1. You have the opportunity to give Reiki. Following the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’, Reiki Share enables you to practice, practice practice. Allowing you to learn, and to familiarise yourself with Reiki, observing it as it flows through your body and out of your hands. Watching for its cues for action and being guided appropriately.
  1. Reiki Share – you give and you receive. There is nothing better than lying on the couch and receiving Reiki. That wonderful sense of deep relaxation, of letting go and of that intimate connection to your true self and to your true energy.
  1. I use the Reiki Share to help personal development and learning with Reiki by covering a different topic each time we meet. I like to inspire you by encouraging you to think about Reiki in a different way and the variety of uses Reiki has as part of your life. Learning as you work alongside and listen to fellow Reiki practitioners, sharing knowledge and experience.
  1. Sending Reiki distantly – this is all about being part of something bigger. Making a contribution to the wider world and society by sending Reiki out to people, animals, the planet – whoever, whatever, wherever and whenever it is needed.
  1. We always engage in a guided meditation. This puts you in touch with yourself, gives you an awareness of your own energy and any healing required. It allows you to see past the chatter of your mind and to see the truth of the matter.
  1. I lied – there is a seventh – homemade cake – always a benefit and a comfort.   A cuppa and a slice of cake offers a natural pause for conversation and for sharing.